Fast Fact Tuesday! Medicaid, SSI, and Colorado Waivers!

It is Tuesday, which means it is time for another Fast Fact!! This week we are featuring a Fast Fact on what Medicaid, SSI, and the Colorado Waivers are! You can read it here or below.

Fast Facts are informational quick reference sheets developed by Family Voices Colorado staff. They provide a lot of information and are a great starting point for anyone interested in resources! You can read them all at our Fast Fact page here!

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Action Alert for Autism Society of Colorado Ends Today!

There is a bill being looked at by the Senate called SB15-015.

This is a summary of the bill:

The bill includes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the state’s mental health parity law, and repeals a provision that states ASD is not a mental illness for the purposes of health coverage, AND CLARIFIES that coverage must include health care benefits for ASD that are no less restrictive than benefits available for physical health.
 SB15-015 removes any caps for medically necessary services provided currently under a health plan for assessment, diagnosis and treatment of ASD.
 Adds an additional provider, to the list of providers, statutorily authorized to serve individuals with ASD.

You can read more here.

Fast Fact Tuesday!! Transition Resources!

It is Tuesday, so we have another Fast Fact for you! This week we are featuring our Transition Resources! You can use that link, or read below! En Espanol!

If you are unfamiliar with Fast Facts, the Family Voices Colorado team developed a number of informational sheets for the convenience of our families! We have a page on our website dedicated just to those Fast Facts! You can access that page here for more Fast Facts!

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