Important National Healthcare Survey for Families

Have you had difficulties getting health care services for your child?  If so, we would like to learn more.  Family Voices Colorado is working with Family Voices National and the American Academy of Pediatrics to better understand the issues that families face getting and paying for health care for their child, particularly children with special health care needs or disabilities.  We know that some families are having problems finding the right doctor, or getting a referral, or having needed services denied.  We know that these problems may affect having enough money for your family or being able to maintain a job.  By sharing your experiences in this short survey, you will be helping policy makers understand important issues – a first step in creating better health systems for everyone.   Please complete this survey at

You will not be asked for any identifying information.  Your responses will be completely confidential.

¿Ha tenido dificultades para obtener servicios de atención médica para su niño(s)? Si es así, nos gustaría saber más. Voces de Familia Colorado está trabajando con Voces de Familia Nacional y la American Academy of Pediatrics para comprender mejor los problemas que enfrentan las familias que reciben y pagan por la atención de salud para sus niños, en particular los niños con necesidades especiales de salud. Sabemos que algunas familias están teniendo problemas para encontrar el médico adecuado, o conseguir un referido, o los servicios necesarios han sido negados. Sabemos que estos problemas pueden afectar, al no tener suficiente dinero para su familia o ser capaz de mantener su trabajo. Al compartir sus experiencias en esta breve encuesta, usted podrá ayudar a los responsables de las políticas a comprender cuestiones importantes – en  primordialmente en la creación de mejores sistemas de salud para todos. Por favor, complete esta encuesta en

No se le pedirá ninguna información de identificación. Sus respuestas serán totalmente confidenciales.

Important Medicaid Information

New Medicaid ID Cards in July

Some changes were made to Medicaid ID cards that were issued after July 1, 2015. New cards look very similar to the old cards, but will be made out of sturdy paper stock and will no longer contain a magnetic strip. Current Medicaid ID cards are still valid. Medicaid members do not need to request new cards. As a reminder, Medicaid members are only required to furnish their photo ID at appointments. Medicaid ID cards are not required to receive services. Providers should verify member identity and eligibility at each appointment. For additional information on how to verify a member’s eligibility, see pages 22-24 of the General Provider Information Billing Manual.

Elimination of the 5-Year Waiting Period for Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus for Lawfully Residing Children and Pregnant Women

On July 1, 2015, children and pregnant women who are lawfully residing in the United States and meet all other eligibility criteria will no longer have to meet the five-year waiting period for Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) program, regardless of their date of entry.   Read more

Making Colorado a better place for children and youth with special health care needs


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