Seeking caregivers for focus groups

Family Voices Colorado frequently partners with public agencies such as the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) on efforts to improve programs and services for the families we work with. Currently, HCPF wants to expand their stakeholder engagement efforts to include additional input from those who provide care for dual eligible (Medicaid and Medicare) clients. Input from these people is critical to the successful design and implementation of the dual eligible program.

Who is a Care Provider?

For the purpose of our focus group, a care provider is defined as:
A person who helps to care for a fully dual eligible individual who is ill, has one or more disabilities, or is aged. A care giver may be a family member, a friend who volunteers assistance, or an individual who provides care-giving services for a cost.

Privacy Agreements

Due to limited internal resources, the Department has contracted with two external groups to gather this input. Corona Insights will conduct the focus groups for care providers. While these focus groups will not ask for any protected health information, business associate agreements have been executed with Corona Insights to ensure HIPAA compliance, privacy, and confidentiality. Information shared by caregivers will not be linked with any individual caregiver. Input gathered through this process will only be used to help improve the Demonstration to Integrate Care for Dual Eligible Clients.

These focus groups help HCPF to continue to incorporate the voices of those most affected by changes in the system. If you or someone you know would like to participate, please contact:

Kassidy Benson
Project/Marketing Assistant, Corona Insights
1580 Lincoln St. Suite 600, Denver, CO 80203
(303)894-8246 main
(303) 894-9651 fax

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