has a new look

Family Voices Colorado has recently welcomed a new enthusiastic volunteer who will be managing FVC’s social media. That volunteer is me, Hannah Mitchell! black and white tera seville 3I am a twenty-six year old woman with physical disabilities who knows just how tough navigating health care can be! I am going to school for Disability Advocacy, and hope that one day I can work closely with families to better the opportunities for people and children with disabilities.

Family Voices Colorado is dedicated to providing you information that is accessible and easily obtainable! I hope that I can maintain that standard!

My goal is to put more up-to-date and useful information directly at your fingertips, so we have given a brand new look!

We have included a page dedicated to our popular “Fast Facts”, a newly refreshed resources and links page, and a page with resources and fact sheets from National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC)!  All of these new resources are platformed on a new and accessible format with easy navigation!

Should we make improvements? Leave a comment and we will get to work trying to meet your needs!

One thought on “ has a new look”

  1. Congrats Family Voices on the new look!! Very 2015!!
    Also, you have a wonderful volunteer and advocate in Hannah Mitchelle. Hannah is awesome!! Keep up the great work😊

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