What role does the family play in a Shared Plan of Care?

Second in the Shared Plan of Care Series

At its core, the shared plan of care centers on the actions, needs, and goals of the patient and family. Without the family, a true shared plan of care would not exist. For this reason, a critical feature of a successful and comprehensive shared plan of care is engagement of the family in all stages of the plan’s development.

A trusting, collaborative family-professional partnership must be central to the creation and maintenance of a shared plan of care. Members of the medical home team must engage the family to clearly identify the needs and strengths of the family, and child or youth.

Family engagement in developing the shared plan of care is also necessary to successfully identify family supports, medical specialists, and community services for inclusion in the shared plan of care. This information is used to set child, youth, and family goals (including medical and social) and determine the steps needed to achieve those goals.

The resulting shared plan of care is updated periodically with the family, made available to the family, and shared with other professionals involved in the care of the child or youth.

From the American Academy of Pediatrics

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