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Family Voices Colorado believes that parents of children with special health care needs should not be alone when they face the scary and confusing task of securing care for their children. Every day we give parents the information and strength they need to navigate complex health care systems in order to get things like wheelchairs, oxygen, or surgery for their children. With our help, parents are able to be the heroes their children are counting on.

Press Release and Rebrand


The Comprehensive Special Needs Resource Program of CBR YouthConnect

August 27, 2019

CBR YouthConnect (CBRYC) is excited to announce the re-branding of Family Voices Colorado (FVCo) to Community Voices (CV). We are making this transition to expand the resources we can provide to the communities, youth, and families of Colorado. CV will continue to provide resources to and advocacy for families with children with disabilities, as well as continue to be active in the CYSHCN community and expand to helping families and children with other special needs, including: mental health, trauma, and children in the child welfare and foster care systems.

In keeping with our mission as an organization, CV aims to educate, connect, and empower youth and families to form unbreakable connections and create their own paths. The Community Voices’ Special Needs Navigator is dedicated to promoting self-advocacy in the families this program supports. By providing education and operating as the Family to Family Health Information Center for the state of Colorado, Community Voices equips families with the resources and community connections they need  through phone, email, or in person support to charge their own paths and advocate for their unique needs.

“I am passionate about providing resources and assistance to families and individuals. Navigating through the systems can be an intimidating task but I’m here to alleviate some of that anxiety. Families can contact me directly, no referral needed and we can work together in finding the right resources the meet their needs.”

– Javi Dolif, Special Needs Resource Navigator

CBR YouthConnect has impacted the lives of over 77,000 youth and their families over the course of our 60 year history. Our programs and services have helped to provide stability, support, and hope to families and youth in need. With the introduction of Community Voices into our array of programs, CBRYC’s mission, “to connect children, youth and families with the resources and inspiration to become hopeful and productive citizens,” will continue to impact the lives of families and youth (including those at-risk and with special needs) in Colorado for many years to come. CBRYC is the recipient of the prestigious Samaritan Institute Award for Non-Profit Ethics, and twice winner of the El Pomar Youth Organization of the Year Award.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Community Voices’ services, please call (303) 733-3000 or email our Special Needs Navigator, Javi Dolif (

If you would like to learn more about CV please visit or if you want to know more about any of CBRYC’s other programs, please visit our website at www.cbryouthconnect/programs/. Also find Community Voices on Facebook for more information on how we are serving youth and families with special needs in communities throughout Colorado.