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Family Voices Colorado believes that parents of children with special health care needs should not be alone when they face the scary and confusing task of securing care for their children. Every day we give parents the information and strength they need to navigate complex health care systems in order to get things like wheelchairs, oxygen, or surgery for their children. With our help, parents are able to be the heroes their children are counting on.

100 Days

100 days.

That’s how many days have passed since funding ran out for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which has allowed 8.9 million kids and pregnant women nationally to access quality affordable health care. Congress’s momentary failure has turned into a moral outrage.

In Colorado, 90,000 working families use the program to cover their kids at some point during the year. These families make too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to afford coverage on the private market or through their employer plans. Colorado families, and many families across our nation, have been warned that their health insurance might soon end.

Unable to do the right thing for our children, Congress has cobbled together patchwork funding to keep the program running month to month. That’s no way to provide healthcare and no way to treat families. Even with the temporary funding federal officials have pledged, Colorado’s program will be gone by the spring if Congress doesn’t act.

Call your U. S. Senator and Representative and tell them that’s not who we are. We take care of our children. We give them the healthy start they deserve. We don’t play politics with their future.  Congress votes on January 19th to fund the federal government; long-term CHIP must be included when they do. It’s up to us to keep this important issue front and center. Your call can make a difference today.