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Infographic: what matters to consumers in the new Colorado Health Benefits Exchange

Health Care News Roundup

Advocacy groups share feedback from consumers about what features are important in the new Colorado Health Benefit Exchange; the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative is looking for real people’s stories of health insurance challenges; and upcoming events for families and professionals.

Mom & young daughter

Early Intervention: A stitch in time…

Early Intervention services can help children overcome early delays and improve long-term health outcomes. Yet the National Survey of Children’s Health found that in the past year, 4 in 5 young children did not receive age-appropriate screening for developmental, behavioral, and social risks and delays, leading to missed opportunities for early intervention and advancing school readiness.

Baby Hagen Howard, with his mom Beth

Medicaid Buy-In for Children with Disabilities

The Medicaid Buy-In Program for Children with Disabilities (Children’s Buy-In) allows eligible working- and middle-class families to pay a low monthly premium to ‘buy in’ to Medicaid benefits. Family Voices Colorado helps families of children with special health care needs understand their options and apply for the Buy-In, so that more children have access to affordable, quality health care.

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