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Geographic Pattern of Disability Receipt Largely Reflects Economic and Demographic Factors

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) put out an informative article this month on how trends in demographic and economic conditions have an important role in disability; specifically in terms of SSDI and SSI payments.

This article includes a comparative chart of the individual states, outlining various factors.

While this does not have a major impact on families of children with disabilities, it does give policy makers some insight into why disability affects different populations differently.

You can read the article here. has a new look

Family Voices Colorado has recently welcomed a new enthusiastic volunteer who will be managing FVC’s social media. That volunteer is me, Hannah Mitchell! black and white tera seville 3I am a twenty-six year old woman with physical disabilities who knows just how tough navigating health care can be! I am going to school for Disability Advocacy, and hope that one day I can work closely with families to better the opportunities for people and children with disabilities.

Family Voices Colorado is dedicated to providing you information that is accessible and easily obtainable! I hope that I can maintain that standard!

My goal is to put more up-to-date and useful information directly at your fingertips, so we have given a brand new look!

We have included a page dedicated to our popular “Fast Facts”, a newly refreshed resources and links page, and a page with resources and fact sheets from National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC)!  All of these new resources are platformed on a new and accessible format with easy navigation!

Should we make improvements? Leave a comment and we will get to work trying to meet your needs!

Important new Health Coverage News

The New York Times posted an article yesterday discussing just how close the government is to their goal of enrolling 9.1 million people in private health coverage. You can read the article here or below.

Government Closer to Goal of 9.1M Enrolled Under Health Law

JAN. 21, 2015, 3:18 P.M. E.S.T.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is moving closer to its goal of 9.1 million people signed up for private coverage under the president’s health care law.

The Health and Human Services Department says at least 400,000 people signed up last week. That brought total enrollment in the 37 states served by to more than 7.1 million.

National figures should be significantly higher because the federal count doesn’t include major states such as California and New York that are running their own markets.

Florida leads the federal marketplace states, with more than 1.2 million people enrolled. Texas has nearly 920,000.

The administration is expecting a surge near the Feb. 15 sign-up deadline.

The law offers subsidized private coverage to people who don’t have health insurance on the job.