Fast Facts




Below are Fast Facts – comprehensive lists of resources by topic, created by Family Voices staff.

  1. Family Voices One Pager 2013-08 Eng-Span
  2. Fast Fact – Cancer Resources (6/14)
  3. Fast Fact – Cancer Resources-Espanol (6-14)
  4. Fast Fact – FV Resources (6-14)
  5. Recursos utilizados con frecuencia
  6. Fast Fact – Med Appt help en Espanol (Help Preparing for Medical Appointments)
  7. Fast Fact – Transition (6-14)
  8. Recursos para la Transición a la Adultez
  9. FAST FACT – Medicaid, SSI and Waivers (6-14)
  10. FAST FACT – School Accommodations
  11. Fast Fact – School Accomodations-Espanol
  12. Fast Fact – Camp Resources 2014

You may also want to try the Colorado Resource Directory, created by Family-to-Family Navigator and Family Leadership Training Institute graduate, LaShay Canady.

Read about our work as Colorado’s Family-to-Family Health Information Center.

See how we assist individuals and families in understanding their options with Connect for Health Colorado.

Learn more about the Medicaid Buy-In for Children with Disabilities.

Learn about our work in Pediatric to Adult Health Care Transitions, including our “Guide to Transition” tool.

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