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Navigating Health Care Transitions

Navigating Health Care Transitions

Background: A New Challenge

Over the last 30 years, the transition from pediatric to adult health care providers and systems has become a pressing issue for families of young people with special health care needs. Thanks to advances in medical treatment, the survival rate for youth with special health care needs has improved tremendously, and life expectancy continues to rise.

While all this is good news, it poses new challenges for the healthcare system, as well as school systems and other services.  Finding adult health care providers who are experienced and willing to accept emerging youth with complex needs can be difficult, and youth are often unprepared to manage their health care and gain increased independence.  Advance preparation and partnering with your healthcare providers can assist in a successful pediatric to adult health care transition.

Tools & Resources Available

The first tool developed through our Pediatric to Adult Health Care Transitions Program is a Transition Guide, available in print as a wheel that turns to display the tasks for each age level in five different domains: Life Skills for Emerging Adults, IMG_0322 (002)Family Involvement, School, Career Planning, and Health/ Health Coverage. This tool is free for families we work with (call us at  855-877-1747 to request one, or use the form below), and we are also interested in working with schools and health care providers to distribute them to families who will find them helpful.

You can also download a Transition “Fast Facts” guide here.

View the Transition Guide by Age Level (all domains):

View the Transition Guide by Life Domain (all ages):

To learn more about Navigating Health Care Transitions or our Guide to Transition tool, contact Family Voices, at 303-877-1747 (phone coming soon) or email more information or order the Guide to Transition:

Already placed your order and need to pay your invoice? Visit this page.

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